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Over 100 Clients across various Industries


Paddle Point designs, transforms, and runs intelligent data management operations for clients. Quality, flexibility and transparency are among the key features differentiate us from the rest. Paddle Point has provided services for numerous clients with various degrees of complexity, ranging from simple data entry tasks those need to be performed quickly to complex data processing tasks that require specific knowledge relating to the subject of the data. Our end-to-end solutions include:
  • Consulting services
  • Process reengineering
  • Technology
  • Master data quality
Paddle Point data services ensure your focus on
areas that deliver the most business impact to reduce the total cost of operations, deliver more accurate reporting, improve regulatory compliance, and enable better business outcome.

Smart People, Intelligent Technology, process excellence and detailed analytics to increase your customer base/ experience


Paddle Point takes pride in being one of the leading BPO service providers for businesses located in US. Furthermore, we also uphold a largely client centered approach, which is based on the establishment of mutual trust, complete process transparency and development of tailor made services that best fit each of our clients’ needs and requirements. Over the past 7 years, we have collaborated with numerous companies and provided a wide range of back office services, most of which are still being provided today.
Types of Paddle Point Back Office Services:
  • Accountancy & bookkeeping
  • Data collection & processing
  • Revenue Management & Protection
  • Marketing
  • Crew Planning
  • Accounts receivable/Accounts payable, invoice processing & management
  • Customer service related back office tasks
  • Call center related back office tasks
  • Airline company back office tasks
In order to ensure the best possible service quality, we never stop upgrading and updating.

A Rapidly growing company with core focus on Process excellence for customers and Reduced Cost of Operations for Clients


With unique capabilities those combine industry-specific process management with a global, talented workforce and patented technology and analytics, Paddle Point has developed a comprehensive approach to collections. It’s one that diminishes revenue loss even as it maintains high compliance standards, and enhances customer experience.
Types of Paddle Point Collection Services:
  • Early Stage
  • Late Stage
  • Specialised Services
  • Support Functions
Our collections framework focuses on holistic debt management that aims to prevent delinquency.

Big Changes in Business happen by making small changes in processes leading to more satisfied customers


BPO Customer Service practice has expertise across different business lines. These include acquisition, support and service, loyalty and retention, contact center consulting, social media services, and support services. We work across industries including media, healthcare, life sciences, banking, insurance, telecom, retail, hi-tech, and automotive.
At PaddlePoint, we focus on enhancing the customer experience by providing consistent service delivery across all customer contacts. A brief sample of Customer Service includes:
  • Product & Billing Information
  • Personal Details Change Request
  • Complaint and Issue Resolution
  • Other Client-initiated information calls
  • Loyalty Clubs & Reservation
  • Insurance Claim Processing
Having a ‘satisfied, loyal’ customer or client is the goal of every business. We know this well hence we are your ideal partners in achieving your organizational goals.

High quality experiences through end-to-end customer relationship management for the digital age.


With longstanding experience in recruitment and training program development, Paddle Point has the means and experience to do it for you which enable you to focus on key business processes and core competencies, while we take care of the rest. Paddle Point HR outsourcing services can be divided into two general categories:
  • HRM Process Outsourcing
  • HR Recruitment and Training
HRM Process Outsourcing
HRM process outsourcing entails services related to already existing human resource management. We perform all the usual in-house HR processes, such as payroll accounting and other HR related accounting services, motivation scheme development and performance appraisals, including “360 degrees performance appraisals”, which incorporate employee evaluation based on feedback from all parties those are affected by the performance of a particular employee.
HR Recruitment And Training
For companies looking to hire additional employees for their own offices, Paddle Point provides HR recruitment and training services, which also include assistance with logistics and legal issue resolution for employees those need to be relocated from abroad. Due to our presence in multiple European countries, we are in the perfect position to provide nearshore recruitment services for highly specialized employees, as our access to multiple country labor markets gives us the possibility to use many different channels for recruiting people with highly specific employee profiles.
Our ability to develop excellent training programs, has helped us establish a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy HR service partner

With its wide array of solutions, the company has developed several proprietary products and innovative solutions through which it caters to customers across the globe


If sales lead generation services are not a part of your core business, consider outsourcing offshore business lead generation services to an expert like Paddle Point.
Paddle Point is one of the fastest growing providers of offshore business lead generation services. We have vast experience in providing global customers with efficient lead generation services. Our expertise have help your organizations to create more valuable leads and convert them into viable sales opportunities. Based on your lead generation requirements we can provide you with a customized solution that would address your business requirements. Some categories are listed below:
  • Sales leads
  • Business sales leads
  • B2C lead generation
  • B2B lead generation
  • Technology sales leads
  • Qualified sales leads
  • Insurance sales leads
  • Telemarketing sales leads
  • Automated sales lead generation
  • Building permit sales leads
  • Industrial sales leads
  • Multilevel-marketing (MLM) lead generation
Our unique lead generation programs integrates efficient methods to ensure effective and qualitative leads.

Business intelligence leads to insights on customer buying trends


Paddle Point helps bring in this differentiation through world-class product support services, and swift trouble-shooting and problem resolution, helping our clients enhance their service levels and drive customer satisfaction.
Governed by next-generation BPO tenets, our product support services help propel a customer’s experience through scalable, technology-enabled support. We are one of the leaders in providing these services through state-of-the-art platforms and tools, which offers predictive and proactive ticket resolution while driving process innovation. Our product support services leverage multiple channels (voice, e-mail, chat, and web-based support) to deliver an integrated, “round-the-clock” service experience.
Paddle Point’s services include:
  • Consumer Hardware / Product Support Services
    • Installation/Configuration Support
    • Product Registration/Activation
  • Technical Support Services
    • L1, L2 and L3 tech support services
    • Remote Diagnostic Services
    • Set-up and Configuration
Paddle Point is a dependable player in the tech support domain thanks to its varied and equipped workforce.

A blend of functional expertise and process capabilities which spans across our diverse portfolio


We offer inbound and outbound telesales services, performed by highly skilled and qualified employees with in-depth knowledge and excellent language proficiency. The uniqueness of our telemarketing services is based on highly demanding recruitment requirements as well as a highly specific IT infrastructure and workstation set-up. All of our telemarketers are required to have excellent communication skills and past experience in telemarketing. Furthermore, because telemarketing is a service that requires complete language control, all of our telemarketers are also required to be native speakers of the language they are working in. With regards to the infrastructure, our telemarketing teams use a special software to mask the caller ID and replace it with a specific phone number from the region that an outbound call is made to. This approach helps increase our telesales conversion rates, as it significantly reduces the likelihood that a call is rejected or a sales pitch dismayed due to the fact that it is coming from abroad.
Quality Monitoring
With regards to quality monitoring, all incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and stored in a secure database, so that they can be reviewed and analyzed in order to assess the quality and accuracy of the information provided as well as the sales tactics employed by our telemarketers. Depending on the agreement with the client, we can either assign a special quality monitoring team that reviews these calls, or they can be sent off to be reviewed by the client.
  • 100% call Recording
  • Specialized call monitoring system
  • Real-time reporting for custom call center projects
Paddle Point BPO services combines cost reduction and process improvement with excellent customer service, quality assurance and highly trained employees.