We care to the following industries:
  • Healthcare - Service Providers & Insurers
  • Information Technology
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Lead generation & Survey
  • Database Cleaning and Updating
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell Programs
1. TeleSales
A well-managed sales center can only be a powerful and efficient tool for customer acquisition. A sample of our program offerings includes:
  • Inbound and Outbound sales
  • B2B/B2C Sales Solutions
  • Order Taking and Fulfillment
  • Online & Multi-Channel Retail
  • Travel & Communications
  • International Real Estate - Mortgage Facilitation
Our solutions capitalize on each contact, allowing us to analyze your customer database, assess operations and parameters, as well as provide more accurate targeting for future sales campaigns.
2. Customer Service
Every contact with a customer is an opportunity to build upon that relationship. PaddlePoint focuses on enhancing the customer experience by providing consistent service delivery across all customer contacts. A brief sample of Customer Service includes:
  • Product & Billing Information
  • Personal Details Change Request
  • Complaint and Issue Resolution
  • Other Client-initiated information calls
  • Loyalty Clubs & Reservations
  • Insurance Claim Processing
3. Technical Support
PaddlePoint provides a broad range of tailor-made technical support and help desk services focused on achieving measurable & total customer satisfaction for your business. We employ dedicated, technically-trained teams on multi-channel platform to provide comprehensive technical product support. Our technical support experience includes:
  • Troubleshooting (Software/Hardware)
  • Internet Service Issues
  • Onsite-Repair Appointment Scheduling
  • Up-sell/cross-sell programs
  • Help-Desk Support for Corporates
  • Incident & Ticket Management
4. Back-Office Operations
PaddlePoint provides a unique & blended service model in order to ensure an experience that is seamless for your customer and increasingly efficient and effective for your business. Our back-office services include:
Account Management Services:
  • Provisioning
  • Accounts Payable & Case Management
  • Accounting, Order/Sales Support
  • Supply Chain Management
Transaction Processing Services:
  • Scanning, Imaging & Data Entry
  • Application & Payment Processing
  • E-publication & E-mail Management
  • Service Changes & Information Capture
5. Collections
PaddlePoint provides domestic and international receivables management/collections programs for companies across the globe. We offer industry focus and expertise in the banking, finance, utility, telecommunications & security, commercial and healthcare verticals. Our services include Reminders & Awareness, Soft Collections, Write-Off Cases, Early Fraud Identification, Skip-Tracing, Pre-litigation, and Distressed Portfolio.
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